A Great Leather Saddle Cleaner

To all horse owners.  One of my customers told me she buys our Leather Cleaner to clean Leather Cleanerher saddle and its much better then the ones you can buy from the tack shop and also well under 3/4 of the price to buy it from there. The link is below where you can order for delivery by myself as normal or feel free to choose Direct Despatch. Another awesome product!

This Leather Cleaner effectively removes spot stains, oil, paint, wine and coffee, as well as everyday dirt and grime.

It will not scratch and is gentle enough to use on the softest leathers or your favourite saddle. Ideal for use on upholstery, handbags, shoes and garments. Trigger spray included. 500ml.



About Bernie Hough and Kelly Woodroffe

My Name is Bernie and I have the most amazing Fiance', Kelly. We met at work and have started our own distribution business. We now help and support enthusiastic couples or individuals to earn £50 - £500 per week. If you live in the United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, Holland or Germany and need a bit of extra cash, get in contact via http://www.SpareTimeSalary.com

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