Partying for a profit

For many single parents, being able to work part-time or flexible hours is far more important than anything else. Being the sole breadwinner in the family, along with providing a role model for their children is immensely important, however, jobs that provide that sort of flexibility can be thin on the ground.
Until now that is.

“As a single mum with 2 children, I was always looking for a way to boost my income,” explains Silver Distributor, Della Tucker. “I’d been a guest at a party plan event before and really enjoyed the sociable shopping experience. It seemed as though becoming a party plan consultant was exactly what I had been looking for. The opportunity to earn an extra income whilst having fun and meeting new people was ideal. Plus, it got me out of the house and – as much as I love my children, it gave me some much-needed adult company!

“I mentioned this to some friends of mine Nick and Anna Padfield, who told me about ezespa. They showed me the products and told me a little bit about the company. I was immediately impressed by the quality of the products and the amazing prices. I had never heard of Helen É before, but it was clear that these were premium quality cosmetics with a fabulous portfolio and they would not be difficult to sell. That together with the backing of a long established award winning and hugely successful direct selling company made the decision to join easy one, and I couldn’t wait to get my kit and get started.

“I joined ezespa at the end of April, and my first party was £335. After just 3 parties I have achieved 10% and have sponsored 2 people into my team.

“This is the beginning of something big and I want to be a part of the huge success that I know this company is going to achieve with party plan. My focus at the moment is to build a successful business not just for myself but for the people working with me, an accomplished and motivated team who will enjoy and embrace the business, and of course I will be going for Gold.

“Destination 2013 is in my sights and there is a ticket to wherever that might be with my name on it. I want to share my vision for the future with everyone around me, infect my team with my enthusiasm and excitement and of course share the success that is ours for the taking.

“Party plan is a fantastic concept, and I can’t think of a better way of earning a living. I hope that one day this will be my full time career and that I can spend the rest of my working life being paid to party!”

want a second income

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