The Stylfile from Apprentice 2011 winner Inventor Tom Pellereau now available to order

The Stylfile from Apprentice 2011 winner Inventor Tom Pellereau now available to order from Kleeneze & Amazon

From Kleeneze: If you live within 20 miles of Newmarket – Suffolk, enter distributor number 683877 for quick personal delivery.

Winner of the 2011 Apprentice Tom Pellereau has launched the must-have beauty accessory for 2012.

The Stylfile collection, a range of nail files designed with a unique curved shape that follows the natural shape of the nail, is the latest invention from Tom who last year won the esteemed prize of going into business with Lord Sugar.

Composed of three different products, the Stylfile collection makes filing easy, allowing you to have gorgeous nails in no time at all. The curved shape of the S-file, S-buffer and Emergency file makes filing either hand simple and means messy and uneven nails are a thing of the past.

S File – Available to order from Kleeneze Amazon

 With two different abrasive sides, the all new

S-file is the two-step nail file that shapes and smoothes the nail. The unique curved shape makes filing quick and easy and the high quality abrasive lasts up to 12 months, meaning nails can be kept beautiful all year long.

S Buffer – Available to order from Kleeneze Amazon

 The S-buffer is a 4-way buffer designed to follow the bed curve. In just four simple steps, it creates a chip-free, long-lasting shine without the need for expensive products and varnishes. The curved shape of the S-buffer makes treating nails easy, even when using the ‘other’ hand.

S Emergency File – Available to order from Kleeneze Amazon

A combination of the S-file and S-buffer, the Emergency file is the perfect accessory for women on-the-go. The pocket-sized invention is a mini file and buffer in a protective spiral casing designed to prevent the file from scratching delicate items. The Emergency file easily attaches to a key ring, ensuring that it is always on hand for those nail emergencies!

Jenna Whittingham – 2012 Appentice  Star Joins Kleeneze

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