Becoming a “Future Changer” in 2011

You cannot change your past, but you can change your future.

How to become a Future Changer in 2011

Why does it always feel that progress in your life has come to complete standstill. Are you stuck in a job which you neither love nor hate. You might even have been looking through the job section on a regular basis. Yet you cannot get yourself to take the leap and go for something you really want to do.

What you do, matters – Watching useless television programs will not help you change your future. What will, is going to bed 20 minutes earlier than usual, spending 15 minutes reading a personal development book. Everybody knows that the brain continues to process the last information it received before you went to sleep. We have heard the stories about musicions waking up with a tune in their heads. Passionate composers’ lives evolve around music and their mind keeps processing that information it receives so much of. Inventors have also been known to claim that they just woke up with an idea – I bet they were thinking about what they can invent next just, before they went to bed too.

To change your life, you need to change.  Your outlook on life and your attitude towards others must change, because that will determine your happiness. If you have a negative outlook on life, your atitude towards everyone and all challenges you encounter on a daily basis, will be negative, and to be honest, nobody likes negative people. If your see a challenge or a problem as something you need to try and avoid then it will most likely defeat you because you have not decided to view it as something that you need to overcome as soon as possible. By staying positive and aproaching the issue methodically, you will usually deal with it in no time. I refer back to a previous post where I explain that Changing Your Life, Starts with Changing Your Thinking. A good self development book I would like to suggest you get hold of is Attitude is Everything. I read this book a while ago and it helped me to change my attitude to certain things.

Our actions determine to our destiny.

5 Steps I will be taking in order to change my future.

1 Choosing to be positive even when things don’t go so well – Quite often life throws things at me, but during those times I need to Radiate Positivity.

2 Make slight edge decisions to improve my future – Every minute of every day I need to evaluate what i’m doing, and ask myself: “what i’m doing now, is it helping me improve my future, or just keeping within my comfort zone”.

3 Be honest with myself – The day I take responsibility is the day I will start moving towards the top. Courage follows action.  I need to take action and achieve my short term goals. This will also give me the belief that I can achieve anything I set my mind on – however, still behing honest with myself, asking myself if what I’m doing is enough to move me towards that goal.

4 Take the time to learn new skills – I need to be coacheble and learn from successful people.

5 Invest your time in personal development – Jim Rohn once said. “You need to work harder on yourself than you do at your job”. If I want to earn £50,000 a year, I need to be worth £50,000 every year.

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Have a fantastic day, my friends, and go chase that dream.

About Bernie Hough and Kelly Woodroffe

My Name is Bernie and I have the most amazing Fiance', Kelly. We met at work and have started our own distribution business. We now help and support enthusiastic couples or individuals to earn £50 - £500 per week. If you live in the United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, Holland or Germany and need a bit of extra cash, get in contact via

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